Why I Love Sushi and Why You Should Too!


Sushi is one of my all-time favorite foods, thus I thought it ought to be recorded and shared. I know that all of you sushi purists out there agree with me when I outline the many reasons why sushi is the GOAT.

1. It’s ideal for romantic evenings

Sushi is well known for being ideal for date nights because there are so many alternatives available. Almost certainly, at least one item on the list will appeal to your date.

You get to utilize chopsticks.

Perhaps using something different is so much more amusing because we are so accustomed to using forks. Even if most people can’t wield chopsticks properly, it’s nevertheless entertaining to use them to stab their sushi.

4. Lighting in sushi bars

Sushi bars have amazing atmospheres and are always live. Sushi bars are usually a terrific spot to celebrate with friends because large groups are always welcome there.

5. Beautiful sushi plating

Are you beginning to realize how much I adore sushi? Yes, I was formally invited to my senior prom with a sushi dish (clearly he knew me too well). There is nothing better than a sushi roll that has been perfectly presented.

6. Sushi contains few calories
The amount of calories in raw fish, vegetables, rice, and nori (also known as seaweed) per day won’t be much reduced. Vegetarian rolls typically have about 170 calories, while shrimp rolls have about 199 calories and 0 grams of fat. To me, that’s a victory!

The nori wrap is quite healthful.

Although eating seaweed may sound disgusting, it actually has very little flavor and is incredibly beneficial to your health. It contains minerals including iodine as well as vitamins A, B-6, and C. Additionally, it helps to lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart.

8. Sushi is a balanced food.

The roll contains almost all of the nutrients your body requires. As was already noted, nori contains a lot of iodine. The traditional sides of sushi, ginger and wasabi, are rich in antioxidants, while the seafood portion of the dish is strong in omega-3 fatty acids.