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Drinking beer is better than not drinking beer. But drinking the wrong type of beer can really ruin your day. The best way to drink great beer is to know exactly what you like, and stick to it.

As a matter of fact, it’s a perennial question, and one that gets asked a lot. While it may seem simple, there are certain rules that come into play when purchasing beer.

Rule #1

The first rule of buying beer is to never leave the house. If you like drinking at home, then that’s where you should buy your beer.

Rule #2

The second rule of buying beer is to go to a liquor store, or a pub if they have one, so that you can try the different types of beers before you buy them.

Never Forget

Consider as well the style of the beer itself. From lagers to porters, there are a wide variety of styles available today. The color, aroma and taste should all be considered when choosing a beer.