Food and Drink Options Available in the Philippines


The food and drink of the Philippines encompass a rich cultural past and are frequently referred to as the original fusion cuisine. This entails a wide variety of well-known dishes with flavors and textures derived from local ingredients.

Food and Drink Options Available in the Philippines

Here is a list of the country’s available dishes.


With colorful ice creams and garnishes like boiled sweet beans, fruit jelly, Leche flan (similar to crème caramel), ube (or purple yam paste with touches of vanilla and/or pistachio). There are also coconut gel and some exotic fruits such as lychee. It primarily consists of shaved ice doused in evaporated milk


As you might imagine, fresh fish is abundant in this island nation. Raw fish (typically tuna or wahoo) is used in kinilaw, along with ginger, onion, hot local chilies, coconut cream, and calamansi (a small, fragrant lime) juice or suka (vinegar).


Pulutan originated in the Philippines, a custom of sharing finger foods and beverages with companions. The popular shared meal known as sisig, made of salty, crispy, and shredded pork cheeks, ears, and tail, attests to the country’s passion for eating everything from head to seat.

Chicken inasal

Filipinos are masters of barbeque, and outside dining is a national activity for them. Inasal is chicken (or pork) that has been soaked in calamansi, sugar cane vinegar, pepper, and annatto seeds (for their spicy nutmeg flavor) for some minutes. It is then basted frequently with the marinade as it cooks over high heat.