What Are The Favorite Food Of Every Zodiac


Man eating


Of course, all preferences are individual. However, according to the observations of astrologers, this or that representative of the signs of the zodiac prefer certain dishes. This information will help you feed those, due to their “astrological” taste.


The ram will appreciate the national cuisine of any country. So exotic is the best thing you can surprise this sign with. Pay special attention to the hearty Italian cuisine. The full Aries is good Aries.


Taurus, on the other hand, will prefer to the exotics something that has been known since childhood, traditional. You can try to surprise the bull with something unusual. If you guess correctly, you will get the ultimate award because the grade is not stingy.


The twins like fish and seafood, as a buffet rather, they prefer pasta, dumplings and ravioli. In this case, the sign gemini loves changes and welcomes new recipes of already known dishes. For dessert, there is a cold ice cream or a chocolate cake from Twin Delight.


Crabs, like the bull, I love memories of nutrition from my childhood. Soup and meatballs like my grandmother, my mother’s pies and my father’s brutal eggs. Cancer is a faithful sign, both for people and for traditions in the kitchen.


Leo or those in the Leo Midheaven love to eat hearty and prefer meat dishes. Steaks and chops – a passion of this sign is not a salad. It won’t surprise him, but it can even offend him! The second element of the culinary Lion desserts and the more varied the dessert menu, the better.


Virgo prefer simplicity and clear in detail. A multi-component dish with explosive taste will confuse and frighten a representative of this sign. A special passion of virgo nourishes the tomatoes – you can add them anywhere! But the sweets will impress this sign.


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Libra, on the other hand, prefers everything else sweet, especially when it comes to sweet baking. But don’t think that the scales are idiots and fall for every “batch”. You will most likely choose a delicate croissant or ice cream with an unusual taste. Representatives of this sign love to cook.


Scorpios love spices and spices. Even the most ordinary porridge they can eat without special notes. Nevertheless, the dishes in the daily menu of Scorpions are very common and easy to prepare, simply spicy.


Archers will appreciate the dishes bright and unusual, sharpness and joie de vivre. They also like to experiment with the cuisine of other countries and like to immerse themselves in the study of traditions and recipes. If a dish should taste like Sagittarius, then this love is for a long time.


Capricorn – lovers not only the quality of meals and adherence to all traditions of storage, serving, and classic recipe. This sign is quite conservative, so it is enough to feed the goat enough to see its menu. However, this does not mean that Capricorns reject variety and something new – they occasionally dare to experiment.


Aquarists are too curious to eat the same thing from day to day. Tasting exotic delicacy is just in time for Aquarius. Representatives of this sign, if they like a new dish too much, they will try not only to repeat it in the kitchen but also to improve the recipe.


Fish – the followers of simplicity and snacks. To force the fish to wait for dinner when it is hungry, sandwiches and snacks will be impossible. The passion of Pisces are sweets, which is why this sign often suffers from obesity.