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Food festivals are fun. They bring people together for an afternoon or an evening, and they’re a great way to celebrate the bounty of your region’s harvest. If you live in the South, you know that there are tons of food festivals in the fall, but here in Colorado, we have similar celebrations all summer long. The only difference is that instead of chestnuts and squash, we’re celebrating fresh corn and tomatoes.

It is safe to say that every city has a food festival at some point during the year. It serves two purposes:

Promote Food Varieties

One is to give you an opportunity to try different kinds of food in one place. It’s fun to go to a festival and have a little bite of everything you can find.

Perfect for Tourism

The second purpose, though, is for the city to market itself.

By having the food festival in the center of town, it draws people into the city who might not otherwise visit, giving them an opportunity to see how cool it is.