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It’s a fact that food prices have been increasing lately. In 2014, food was more expensive than it has been since the 1960s. In 2015, 172 countries faced serious food crises.

Food supplies around the world are running out. We’re creating more and more food but we’re doing it at a much slower rate than we’re consuming it. This means that the amount of food that we have left is not going to last us for very long.

What Fears World Nation?

The world’s population is growing rapidly. At the same time, we’re using up the planet’s resources and creating more and more pollution. This is causing people to suffer from all kinds of diseases and they aren’t able to produce enough food.

The global population has already grown so much that it’s starting to be a problem and soon there won’t be enough for everyone.

Do the Convenience justify the Wastage?

In developed countries, people have been buying less and less from the grocery store, and more from convenience stores where they can buy smaller amounts and spend their money on something else instead. This leads to less total food sold overall, and hence higher prices.