Horsham – A Countryside Commuter Town with One of the Best Housing Offers


Correct storage is an absolute must for any business especially in regions where months could turn overly warm or cold and without sufficient amount of moisture in the air. Relocating to regions outside of the crowded urban environments of London and other cities in England is still an ongoing trend. Apparently, former city dwellers found Horsham the best provider of small but affordable homes. This West Sussex town also has many storage facilities to offer as temporary extensions of their homes.
Fortunately for the early buyers, the first of the 2,750 affordable homes being developed In Horsham, became available last spring of this year. Horsham, which was included in the 2020 list of best places to live in the UK, still has a lot to offer since only 390 new houses have been sold.

What Makes Horsham Appealing as a New Residential Site

The first 390 new homes are now called Mowbray Village, built on a 500-acre site in the commuter town of Horsham. It’s the largest town in West Sussex, located near the South East Coast and Gatwick Airport in London. The people now living in Mowbray Village will soon be seeing a host of shops, a Morrison supermarket and community facilities, including open green spaces as part of the development project. Moreover, new pedestrian and bike bridges are also undergoing construction as part of the local government’s support to the town’s growing population.
A spokesperson representing the landowners said that their commitment is long term since the plan is to build a welcoming and sustainable community out of Mowbray.
However, the only drawback to relocating to Horsham are the limited spaces offered by the small homes.

Still, the town being a location of numerous storage facilities was able to offer the units as temporary solutions. New residents who are still undecided on what to do or how to dispose of the pieces of furniture that do not fit or unsuitable to their new home simply had them disassembled and packed for safekeeping in one of Horsham’s storage facilities.
Actually, homeowners must make sure of using storage Horsham has to offer in the right size, and with controlled temperatures and humidity. The climate control device is necessary in making sure store items will not be adversely affected by moisture, molds or insect infestations. Anyway, a surefire way of finding the best storage Horsham has to offer, is to get recommendations from the man and van transport provider affiliated with the storage company.