Latest Food Industry Trends 2022


The food and beverage industry is responsible for providing safe food to consumers. It aids in protecting consumers from foodborne illnesses and allergic reactions. It is financially beneficial to the food and beverage industry because it reduces product recalls, which result in financial losses.



Here are some Food and Beverage Industry Trends for 2022

Sugar and Sodium Have Been Reduced


Remember when clean labels were fashionable? The clean label trend isn’t getting as much attention these days because it’s become the norm. Consumers are currently investigating the nutritional benefits of two of those organic food flavorings in specific.

While sugar and salt are easily accepted and widely recognized as natural ingredients, excessive amounts of all these two ingredients raise a red flag for customers. Limited sodium formulations that taste wonderful and contain less sugar would have an advantage.


Traditional Flavor Combinations


Every year, several exotic or radical  flavor trends make the list. Not amazingly, most disappear as quickly as they appear. Foods with the 5th taste sensation of umami, on the contrary, have been popular for several years. Now, creative chefs are blending those full-bodied, satisfyingly rich umami notes with sweet and tangy flavor profiles like citrus.