Foods And Cooking In Camper Van


Cooking in the caravan stands or falls with the right equipment. Especially in smaller mobile homes, large, bulky cooking pots take up unnecessary space. Even if you only eat off porcelain plates at home, you should use crockery made of lighter and more robust materials on your camping holiday.

Outdoor rv covers and cooking equipment

  • Woks or pans with removable handles
  • Collapsible colander and pressure cookers made of lightweight aluminum
  • Plates, bowls, glasses and cups made of melamine, bamboo, enamel or opal glass
  • Camping cutlery
  • Spatula and mixing spoon made of robust wood
  • Can and bottle opener and scissors
  • Outdoor rv covers

outdoor rv covers

A must for camping food: Inventiveness and ideal foods

If you choose the food for your dishes wisely, you will have more fun cooking and baking in your motorhome, especially on longer road trips. Long shelf life is of course the top priority. In addition, the food should be easy to store and versatile, so that you can conjure up a wide range of dishes despite a small supply. Pasta with tomato sauce every day it’s possible, but it doesn’t have to be.

Must-have foods among campers

  • Spices:  Pepper, salt, sugar, herb mixes, and vegetable broth spice up even the dullest dish
  • Oil or butter: essential for searing dishes
  • Noodles and rice:  the multi-faceted kitchen classics are quick to cook and have a long shelf life
  • Curry paste and tomato paste: for refining rice and pasta dishes
  • Canned tomato pieces: the perfect base for sauces
  • Canned corn, peppers and kidney beans: long-lasting and perfect for rice and couscous pans
  • Couscous: lasts forever and tastes great both as a main course and as a side dish
  • Pesto: has a long shelf life even when not refrigerated (closed) and can be used as a sauce or spread
  • Coffee powder and tea bags:  because after all, making coffee is also cooking
  • Muesli and oatmeal: a breakfast base that is filling and productive
  • Crisp and brown bread: for breakfast or as a snack
  • UHT milk: essential for muesli and morning coffee
  • Baking powder and flour: rich and the basis for baking recipes
  • Nutella and jam: does not need to be refrigerated, perfect for breakfast
  • Parmesan: lasts a long time, is economical, and simply belongs with pasta
  • Granola Bars and Gummy Bears: Glovebox snacks that won’t crumble or melt

You can’t do without a regular vitamin kick. You must not store fresh fruit and vegetables in your motorhome, but buy them fresh at your stopovers in cities or smaller towns. If there is no other way, apples and pears are among the types of fruit that have the longest shelf life.