Why Eat Foods Rich In Water


According to common definitions in nutritional science, water-rich foods are all natural foods that contain more than 50 percent water.

At the top of the list of water-rich foods are fruits and vegetables. But beef and some types of cheese also have a certain water content, depending on the degree of processing. Nuts, seeds and others have the lowest water content.

Water officially falls under the food category. It is essential for life, plays a fundamental role in metabolism and is rich in minerals. It differs from food as it has no calories. So the most water-rich foodstuff with a water content of 100 percent is water itself.

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Best properties of water-rich foods

Water-rich foods provide hydration

Foods with a high water content make an important contribution to your water balance. In an average balanced diet, around 25-30 percent of water comes from food every day. You still have to drink preferably lots of water and unsweetened tea.

Water-rich foods are high in nutrients

Fruits and vegetables are full of important nutrients such as vitamins, vitamin C, minerals and fiber. If you make sure to eat foods with a high water content, you will automatically eat healthier.

Eating foods with plenty of water can help you lose weight

Foods with a high water content tend to be low in calories but high in volume. Vegetables in particular also provide you with a good portion of dietary fiber. This fills volume in the stomach and helps you to maintain your calorie deficit. This is the absolute prerequisite for losing weight.

By the way, simply drinking water does not have the same outcome. The stomach needs to digest foods containing water and their nutrients is processed accordingly. That’s why they stay in the stomach for a while.

It’s different with water. Since your body can only absorb a certain amount of pure water per hour, the rest is simply lost. Instead of staying full, you just have to go to the toilet more often.