Things to avoid at Low Temp



It is better not to leave things aside. When the temperature is cold, these things don’t belong to the car.

All drivers know it: Overnight you forget something you need the next day in the car (earnhardt Honda). Especially in winter, it’s worth taking things out of the car. The cold can cause permanent damage to things. Here are five things you shouldn’t put in your car in winter.

In the coming days, parts of Germany will be very cold at night, and temperatures are expected to fall in the double-digit negative range.

If you forget objects in the car in winter, this can lead to unpleasant side effects in future use. These include, among other things:

Electronic devices

Circuit boards and metals are installed inside smartphones, laptops, and laptops, which are very sensitive to low temperatures. In addition, the functionality of sensitive lithium-ion batteries can be permanently restricted by subzero temperatures.

Objects made of natural materials

Wood is also very sensitive to low temperatures. Because the cold causes cracks in the wood, which cause irreparable damage. Therefore, guitars and other veneer furniture need to be protected from the cold. In the event of damage, insurance will not pay for it.

Don’t leave these things in a cold car

On cold winter days, don’t forget to keep appliances, food, or wooden objects in a cold car.

Do not leave food, drinks, or medicines in cans or bottles in a cold car.

Canned or bottled food

Canned or bottled food freezes when the temperature drops below zero. As a result, the container may expand and be damaged. In the worst case, they can tear or burst.


The same dangers that exist in jams and jars exist in beverages. If the cola bottle bursts, the result will be worse. Sweet drinks are difficult to remove. The smell of wine and beer remains in the car for a long time. Therefore, do not store opened, reusable bottles in trunks or seats.


If the temperature is too low, some medicines may lose their effectiveness. If you have to transport medicine in winter, you should therefore always make sure that it is protected from the cold and is at least transported in a lined bag.