Online Food And Drink Business


Every day, people around the world consume billions of foods and beverages. The offer is truly endless, the consumer selection process is mostly conditioned and takes place within a few seconds.

Online marketplaces are a good thing, no question. With their reach and popularity, they make it easier for newcomers to enter e-commerce. But what then? After a short time, the restrictions on the individual platforms become annoying. And in the worst case, even slow down the growth of your company. Absolutely clear, you need your own webshop as the mainstay of your business.


Reasons to set up your own food and drink online shop

It doesn’t matter whether you sell homemade or classic goods, having your own webshop pays off.


A web shop offers flexibility

Your own webshop offers you the opportunity to present your products individually and appropriately, far away from schematic sales forms.


An online shop lowers costs

You have to spend money to make money. The vernacular already knows that. But nobody says that you have to spend more money than necessary on various platforms. If you opt for a SaaS solution as online shop software, you only pay a fixed amount that can be easily calculated per month.

Even with a low sales volume, this pays off compared to the high and sometimes confusing sales commissions and fees that are incurred on all shopping platforms. In short, in the end, your own shop saves you money every month.


A web shop enables long-term customer loyalty

You can encourage your existing customers to come back with your own bonus programs. Address your customers in a way that suits their target group and offer real added value in your webshop with editorial content. In this way, you remain the first point of contact for your customers and remain in their memory.


An online shop is easy to set up

In principle, you find the idea of ​​your own webshop tempting, but the setup, hosting and maintenance effort has put you off so far? Wrongly so, because today you will find InverseGeek tech experts who will do most of the work for you.

Even if sales platforms have the right to exist, your own online shop forms the basis for your long-term success in e-commerce. Here you can also present special products appropriately, benefit from low fixed costs and develop your shop into a brand with a recognition value.

At the same time, you make yourself independent of the business decisions of the major platform operators and thus gain independence.