Ideas for the Perfect Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in bed


Whether for your partner, your parents, or a friend – with breakfast in bed you can make almost everyone happy. And you don’t have to worry about food stains since you can just hire professional cleaners to do it for you.

You can read ideas and tips for the perfect breakfast in this practical tip.

Breakfast in bed: what you need and what you should pay attention to

Breakfast in bed is a dream for many: wake up and breakfast is already ready. You can quickly and easily prepare a great breakfast and make your loved ones happy.

However, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Breakfast in bed only makes sense if you have a stable base for the mini buffet. This is the best way to use a Bed tray, which can be safely placed in the bed. Especially for drinks, you should have a solid surface available. A large board or side table is also suitable for breakfast in bed. Tip: With an ├ętagere you can serve breakfast in a small area.
  • Also using a tablecloth, as bread in particular can create many crumbs that you will otherwise have in bed.
  • You will need the following dishes for most recipes: tea or coffee pot, plates, cutlery, egg cups, and napkins. For the best impression, you can also add a flower.
  • For an even better atmosphere, you can provide quiet music in the background. Since it’s probably still early, classical music or quiet pop is best. At online music providers like Spotify, you can find many different playlists that might fit. Under the category “Chill”, for example, there is a large selection of suitable music.
  • Breakfast makes a particularly good impression when there is a large selection. A kind of “mini-buffet” makes the best impression. Below are some examples you can use to put together your own bed breakfast.

Colorful and healthy: The avocado egg sandwich

Avocados are becoming increasingly popular and are very versatile. The fruits are also very suitable as a spread.

  • Take a slightly thicker slice of Wholemeal bread.
  • Peel the avocado. Then crush the avocado with a fork and spread it generously on the bread.
  • Now you can top the bread with different ingredients depending on your taste. For example, boiled eggs and parsley are suitable. Tomatoes and cucumbers also go very well.
  • Decorate the bread with matching fruits or nuts. Pomegranate seeds go particularly well here.
  • Tip: Cut your slices of bread with a Cookie cutter in hearts to give breakfast a romantic touch.


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Sweet and fruity breakfast in bed: waffles with fruits

Waffles are delicious and can be served with a variety of side dishes. For a breakfast in bed, colorful ingredients are suitable, because the eye eats well.

Here, various fruits are suitable as ingredients or decorations. So waffles with bananas or berries and additionally nut nougat cream, ice cream, or cream are a delicious and nice breakfast.

  • You can easily bake waffles yourself, as long as you have a Waffle iron possesses. Online you will find many good Recipes therefor.
  • Decide for yourself which side dishes you want to use and decorate the waffles and plate beautifully.
  • With a cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee and additionally a freshly pressed Orange juice you have served a delicious and nice breakfast.

British-style breakfast: The English Breakfast

Many love the English breakfast – or at least parts of it. You can also quickly and easily prepare a full English breakfast and serve it in bed.

The following courses are part of a traditional English breakfast:

  • Orange juice and fruits
  • Cornflakes or porridge
  • Grilled tomatoes, toasted toast, hash browns, baked beans, fried mushrooms, fried sausages, bacon, and fried eggs.
  • Toast with sweet spread and tea

Pros and Cons of Breakfast in Bed

Although breakfast in bed is very cozy and looks very nice in photos and videos, it can also end differently. You should consider the following disadvantages and try to avoid these errors:

  • A bed is soft: As a result, any small movement can cause the breakfast board to slip, tilt, or something similar. Make sure that the bed tray is stable and can hold breakfast.
  • Crumbs: Especially rolls crumble heavily. Make sure you have a good base, such as a tablecloth, that can catch crumbs. One Cordless vacuum cleaner is the best helper for small mishaps.
  • Transport from the kitchen: In the kitchen, everything is at hand and if something is missing, then it is on the table with a few steps and handles. For the bedroom, this is not quite so easy.
  • Get up early: Set-up and preparation can be time-consuming. For example, you may have to get up very early to prepare breakfast in bed. After knowing the process, however, this should also be done in a short time and you can enjoy your breakfast shortly afterward. Enjoy your meal!